OBSCURA | Vinyl Sale


Until the end of January, you get 5 EUR off all OBSCURA vinyl! The discount is valid for all...
16th Jan 21
Obscura | Stress Studios Graz

OBSCURA | Welcome 2021

With 2020, a quite intense year comes to an end. We toured successfully in March and April without any...
1st Jan 21
Obscura | finish recording Drums

OBSCURA | finish recording Drums

This moment when all tracks have been recorded… 💪 If you wanna read a detailed day-by-day blog from the...
31st Dec 20
Obscura | recording drums

OBSCURA | start recording Drums

Blast Christmas! The recording sessions for the upcoming OBSCURA album have begun! Join OBSCURA on PATREON! As a member...
27th Dec 20

OBSCURA | Launch Official Fanclub

Join OBSCURA on PATREON! As a member you get a look behind the curtain of recordings, live productions, rehearsals,...
22nd Dec 20
OBSCURA - finished songwriting and enter the studio for sixth album soon!

OBSCURA | finished songwriting and enter the studio for the sixth album soon!

German tech death metal titans, OBSCURA, finished the songwriting for their upcoming album and enter the studio to record...
1st Dec 20

OBSCURA | Tech Friday & Cyber Monday

Yes, it’s this time of the year again, and here comes the Tech Friday / Cyber Monday sale in...
25th Nov 20
Obscura | Jeroen Paul Thesseling WARWICK

OBSCURA | Jeroen Paul Thesseling and WARWICK

Jeroen Paul Thesseling about his bass and the recording of OBSCURA‘s upcoming album: In 1993 I started playing Thumb...
19th Nov 20
Obscura | Omnivium WT Front


NEW: OMNIVIUM world tour shirt Many of you were asking for it. Now we finally have this classic cover...
11th Nov 20
Obscura | Desolate Spheres 2006

OBSCURA | “Desolate Spheres” live at Up From The Ground 2006

Enjoy ‘Desolate Spheres‘ from the album Cosmogenesis, live at UP FROM THE GROUND 2006. Pure and raw, with audio...
9th Nov 20
Obscura taps producer Fredrik Nordström

OBSCURA | Taps Producer Fredrik Nordström for new Album

Obscura taps award-winning producer Fredrik Nordström for their upcoming sixth full-length album. The band booked famous Studio Fredman, located...
4th Nov 20
Obscura | Australia & New Zealand Shipping

OBSCURA | Australia & New Zealand Shipping

Good news: From next week, we’re finally allowed to ship to Australia and New Zealand. All placed orders will...
26th Oct 20