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31 Dec 2020
Obscura | finish recording Drums

OBSCURA | finish recording Drums

This moment when all tracks have been recorded… 💪 If you wanna read a detailed day-by-day blog from the studio, check out the INFINITY membership on PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/realmofobscura 📸 by Vollvincent

27 Dec 2020
Obscura | recording drums

OBSCURA | start recording Drums

Blast Christmas! The recording sessions for the upcoming OBSCURA album have begun! Join OBSCURA on PATREON! As a member you get a look behind the curtain of recordings, live productions, rehearsals, exclusive in-depth interviews of current and former band members, our crew, and detailed background stories available here exclusively. Depending on your membership, you receive limited prints such as a tour poster, band poster and signed cards in your mailbox every three months. On top, members receive a fanclub-exclusive, limited […]