19 Jan 2017

Obscura | Complexity Fest 2017

Date: Saturday 25th of February, 2017 Open: 14.00 Start: 14.30 Tickets: Visionary: € 17,50 (sold out) Secundary: € 25,- (until December 31st) Ultimately: € 35,- Address: Patronaat Zijlsingel 2 Haarlem The Netherlands More info and tickets: www.patronaat.nl

14 Jan 2017

Obscura | Cosmogenesis Guitar Tablature Book

Obscura’s chartbreaking record “Cosmogenesis” (2009, Relapse Records) finally available again as official tablature book at www.realmofobscura.com. Cosmogenesis Tablature Book features all rhythm and lead guitars, live arrangements for two guitars. Including play along tracks for each song. 1. Anticosmic Overload 2. Choir of Spirits 3. Universe Momentum 4. Incarnated 5. Orbital Elements 6. Desolate Spheres 7. Infinite Rotation 8. Noospheres 9. Cosmogenesis 10. Centric Flow Rhythm Guitars transcribed by Steffen Kummerer & Christian Münzner. Lead Guitars transcribed by Steffen Kummerer, […]

02 Jan 2017

Obscura | Back in Spain 2017

Obscura | Back in Spain 2017 Due to big demand, Obscura extends the “Akroasis World Tour” with two exclusive shows in Spain – Madrid & San Sebastian. 31st of March | Madrid – Sala Changó 1st of April | San Sebastian – Euskal METAL Fest Ticket information coming soon.

01 Jan 2017

Arobas GuitarPro | Free “Ten Sepiroth” Transcription

Discover the sick riffs of the German progressive metal masters Obscura. The band is giving us the pleasure of offering their Guitar Pro tab for the song “Ten Sepiroth” from their latest album Akroasis, released in February 2016. Download the official “Ten Sepiroth” guitar transcription by Steffen Kummerer & Rafael Trujillo. This way, the band hope to motivate people to try playing the song themselves.   Get your copy of Akroasis Note that the band also edited a CD & […]

28 Dec 2016

Rafael Trujillo | Audition Video 2015 – Vortex Omnivium

“I can’t believe it’s one and a half years ago now. Before I joined the band I was asked to do some videos and demos. Vortex Omnivium was one of them. I hope you enjoy it. Please note that I didn’t play Ibanez guitars back then.” – Rafael Trujillo Rafael Trujillo plays lead guitar in Obscura since November 2015. Five years since the release of the universally-acclaimed Omnivium, Germany’s progressive metal masters OBSCURA are poised to return with their strongest […]