22 Feb 2017
Obscura | Sebastian Lanser featured at "Drums und Percussion" Magazine

Obscura | Sebastian Lanser featured at “Drums & Percussion Magazine”

Germany’s well reputed “Drums & Percussion Magazine” featuring Sebastian Lanser. Issue March / April comes with a full transcription of Obscura’s song “Ten Sepiroth” – including backingtrack to play along. Current Issue available at this location. www.drumsundpercussion.de www.facebook.com/drumsundpercussion.de/

20 Feb 2017

Obscura | Endorsement with Positive Grid

“With BIAS FX as a desktop version a new tool to record riffs and spontaneous ideas on the road crossed my way some time ago. Especially the VST version as an insert within a DAW leaves you mannifold sounds, effects and possibilities to create demos within minutes. Thanks to PositiveGrid & BIAS FX, Obscura’s preproduction sound way closer to final compositions than before.” – Steffen Kummerer Over the last several years, a range of high processing powered digital guitar effects […]

19 Feb 2017

Obscura | Rafael Trujillo performs Anticosmic Overload live @ NAMM Show USA

Rafael Trujillo performed Obscura’s classic “Anticosmic Overload” (2009, Relapse Records) at NAMM Show 2017 at the boot of ENGL Amplification. Special thanks to everyone at ENGL Amps and our fans attending to this unique event. www.engl-amps.de www.realmofobscura.com

19 Feb 2017

Obscura | Sebastian Lanser performing “Incarnated” live in Wrocław

Watch Sebastian Lanser performing Obscura’s classic “Incarnated” (Cosmogenesis, Relapse Records 2009) at Club Firlej, Wrocław, Poland. Recorded as part of the “Akroasis World Tour” on 5th of November by Rafał Habrajski for Drummers of Hell. Mixed and Mastered by Norwin Palme. Equipmentlist Tama Silverstar Mirage Drumkit 22“x16“ BD (2x) 8“x6“ TT 10“7“ TT 12“x8“ TT 14“x12“ FT 16“x14“ FT 14“x6,5“ Charlie Benante Signature Snare Meinl Cymbals (from L to R) 22“ Mb10 Heavy Ride 18“ Byzance Extra Dry China 10“ […]

16 Feb 2017

Obscura | Anticosmic Overload – Official Guitar Playthrough

Steffen Kummerer performing “Anticosmic Overload” off Obscura’s chartbreaking record “Cosmogenesis” (2009, Relapse Records). Cosmogenesis is finally available again as official tablature book at www.realmofobscura.com Cosmogenesis Tablature Book features all rhythm and lead guitars, live arrangements for two guitars. Including play along tracks for each song. 1. Anticosmic Overload 2. Choir of Spirits 3. Universe Momentum 4. Incarnated 5. Orbital Elements 6. Desolate Spheres 7. Infinite Rotation 8. Noospheres 9. Cosmogenesis 10. Centric Flow Rhythm Guitars transcribed by Steffen Kummerer & […]