20 Sep 2013

DEATH | DTA 2013 European Tour Trailer

Get your tickets at www.hardticket.eu DEATH European Tour 2013 Death Obscura Darkrise 11.11.2013 DE – Hamburg, Grünspan (SOLD OUT!) 12.11.2013 DK – Aarhus, Voxhall 13.11.2013 DE – Berlin, Columbia Club 14.11.2013 PL – Warsaw, Progresja (SOLD OUT!) 15.11.2013 PL – Cracov, Kwadrat (SOLD OUT!) 16.11.2013 AT – Vienna, Szene (SOLD OUT!) 17.11.2013 CZ – Prague, Nova Chmelnice (SOLD OUT!) 19.11.2013 IT – Romagnano Sesia, RnR Arena (SOLD OUT!) 20.11.2013 FR – Colmar, Grillen (SOLD OUT!) 21.11.2013 DE – Jena, F-Haus […]

22 Aug 2013


Obscura confirms DEATH TO ALL EUROPE TOUR In 1998, “The Sound of Perseverance” – the very last studio album of progressive death metal icons DEATH from Florida – saw the light of day, and in 2001 their charismatic band leader, guitar god and sound pioneer Chuck Schuldiner tragically passed away. Many years later, the towering monolith of Chuck`s and DEATH`s testimony hasn`t even faintly started to crumble, and cult albums such as “Leprosy” (1988) or “Symbolic” (1995) remain untouchable! Whilst […]

03 Aug 2013

Linus Klausenitzer endorses Ibanez BTB7 7-string fretless Bass

“I’ve never had a bass like the Ibanez BTB 676 before that has so much clarity in it’s tone and that’s so reliable on stage. So I was very excited when I’ve heard that Ibanez developed a 7 string bass of the BTB series which I can even expand my possibilities with. The sound and look of my BTB7, that Steve Vai’s guitar tech Patrick Koopman customized to be fretless, is just outstanding. Once again I’m very thankful and proud […]

06 May 2013

Christian Münzner Video Interview

Christian Münzner discussing his career from scratch, starting with Defeated Sanity, his time and departure in Necrophagist, Paradox and Spawn of Possession.

12 Dec 2012


Back home from Mexico. Thank you so much, we had a wonderful time in Mexico city, meeting new friends and more fans than we’d ever expected. That was huge!