18 Jan 2015

Cosmogenesis | Tablature Book back in stock

Cosmogenesis’ tab book features all guitar work, including rhythm and lead solos for every song from the record. The book also contains a digital download of the album plus isolated guitar and solo tracks to play along to.          

19 Dec 2014

Obscura | album update, Photo & Video footage

Obscura is working hard on the follow up to 2011’s “Omnivium”. The band is already in pre-production process and starts tracking demos for the new record. We are all pleased with the new material which pairs songwriting, technicality and arrangments of the last albums with creative input of Linus Klausenitzer, Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger and Sebastian Lanser, while keeping our trademark prog riffing across fusion and death metal that makes Obscura sound unique. While working on Obscura’s fourth, yet untitled, record […]

05 Nov 2014

Obscura | Tel Aviv, Israel

Obscura live in Tel Aviv, Israel. 18th of July 2015. Tickets: click here to order your ticket

03 Nov 2014

Obscura | new lineup

Steffen Kummerer – lead guitars & vocals Tom Geldschläger – lead guitars Linus Klausenitzer – bass Sebastian Lanser – drums

06 Oct 2014

Obscura confirm Metaldays Open Air

Obscura confirm Metaldays Open air 2015 in Tolin, Slovenia! “Warning: Do not consume this audio product if you have a tendency for straight order, 4/4 rhythms and epileptic reactions!” – Metaldays.net Tickets: click here to order your ticket