OBSCURA | Jeroen Paul Thesseling 2020

Fretless bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling rejoins OBSCURA

Legendary bass player Jeroen Paul Thesseling (QUADVIUM, SALAZH TRIO, ex-PESTILENCE) has rejoined the German...
29th Apr 20
Obscura | Vinyl Sale

OBSCURA | Vinyl Sale

Only for the weekend, you get the latest OBSCURA LP “Diluvium” plus an OBSCURA...
24th Apr 20
OBSCURA | Diluvium Europa Tour 2020

OBSCURA | Announce Lineup Change

German progressive titans OBSCURA announce guitarist Rafael Trujillo, bassist Linus Klausenitzer and drummer Sebastian...
22nd Apr 20
Obscura | Illegimitation

OBSCURA | Illegimitation Sale

Until the end of April, we give you our Illegimitation CD for only 5...
17th Apr 20
Obscura | Cabloader Guitar Contest 2020

OBSCURA | Guitar Contest – Winners

Ladies and Gentlemen: We proudly present you the winner of the EMERGENT EVOLUTION guitar...
17th Mar 20
Obscura | Centric Flow Live

OBSCURA | “Centric Flow” LIVE @ 15 Years Anniversary

Another pro-shot live clip from our 15 years anniversary show: The Cosmogenesis classis “Centric...
23rd Feb 20
Pbscura | Mortification Drum Playthrough

OBSCURA | “Mortification of the Vulgar Sun” – Drum Playthrough

Video: TAMA Drums Germany Roland Meinl Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG Camera: Stephan Hänisch...
12th Feb 20

OBSCURA | “The Monist” LIVE @ 15 Years Anniversary 2018

We proudly present you this pro-shot live clip of “The Monist” from our 15...
10th Feb 20
Obscura | Ticket Raffle

OBSCURA | Ticket Raffle

Only two weeks until the start of the DILUVIUM EUROPA TOUR! Take your chance...
30th Jan 20

OBSCURA | Vinyl Sale

🚨 VINYL SALE! 🚨 You still get 5 EUR off all vinyl in January!...
25th Jan 20
Obscura | Exclusive Tour Beer

OBSCURA | Exclusive Tour Beer

Who’s going to have a beer with OBSCURA? In association with Zombräu and Rocketclub...
17th Jan 20
Obscura | Vinyl Sale

OBSCURA | Vinyl Sale

🚨 OBSCURA VINYL SALE! 🚨 In January you get 5 EUR off all vinyl...
15th Jan 20