Obscura | Rafael Trujillo

RafaelWe welcome Rafael Trujillo into the ranks of Obscura as new lead guitarist.

Rafael is young and full of motivation. His great guitar tone, his speed and his tasteful choice of scales are just a little insight into his musical skills. We are very proud to have him on board and look forward to share the stages with him on the upcoming touring cycle.“- Linus Klausenitzer

I’m really happy to be a part of this band. It’s like a dream is coming true for me. Also I’m looking forward to work together with these awesome musicians. I can’t wait to bring my own ideas into the new material  even if I didn’t take part in the recordings of the great new album “Akroasis”. However, be prepared for upcoming shows!” – Rafael Trujillo

Rafael graduated from Munich Guitar Institute in 2014 and studies Jazz at Amsterdam Conservatorium, University of Arts. During the production of “Akroasis”, Obscura parted ways with Tom Geldschläger in early July.

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