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28 Feb 2021
OBSCURA | Anticosmic Overload - Live at Way of Darkness Festival 2011

OBSCURA | “Anticosmic Overload” live at Way of Darkness Festival 2011

A fresh new video from the OBSCURA archive: “The Anticosmic Overload” (Live at Way Of Darkness Festival 2011). Steffen Kummerer comments, “In 2011, we performed at Way of Darkness Festival, Germany with the touring lineup supporting Omnivium. This rare footage has been held in our archive for years and finally got a proper mix and postproduction to see a free release for our fans who support us for years. Enjoy this little throwback and watch out for news of our […]

18 Feb 2021
Obscura | Cosmogenesis Sale

OBSCURA | Cosmogenesis Anniversary SALE

Happy Birthday COSMOGENESIS! 12 years and counting! 🤘 Who’s gonna give it a spin today? Until Sunday, you get 20% off all COSMOGENESIS merch in the OBSCURA web-shop: https://www.realmofobscura.com/shop/    

15 Feb 2021
Obscura | Guitar Contest 2021

OBSCURA | Guitar Contest 2021

OBSCURA announces a guitar contest for the song “Convergence“, taken from the band’s latest release DILUVIUM. Take your chance to show us your solo. In association with Steinberg, we will provide some amazing prizes for the winners!   RULES 1. Download the Backing Track, GuitarPro File, PDF, and Cubase Session here. With the backing track files, we also offer a Cubase project file. You can easily open it with the Cubase Elements Trial version that you can download directly from […]

12 Feb 2021
Obscura | Convergence Guitar Playthrough

OBSCURA | “Convergence” Guitar Playthrough

Here comes another guitar playthrough by Steffen Kummerer! Watch “CONVERGENCE” from our latest album Diluvium. “Convergence heavily showcases the rather melodic side of OBSCURA. Based on a theme the listener gets introduced to during an acoustic interlude at the beginning, the orchestration of the entire composition was adapted on this central arrangement from beginning to end.” – Steffen Kummerer

28 Jan 2021
Obscura | Omnivium Band Poster 2021

OBSCURA | Fanclub

We just printed all posters for our ULTIMATE and INFINITY members on Patreon! On February 1 we’ll send you a poster of the OMNIVIUM era line-up from 2010 and a DILUVIUM artwork poster, both in size DIN-A1 (59,40 x 84,10 cm). The photography above has been produced as part of the official photo shoots for OBSCURA‘s third album OMNIVIUM (2011, Relapse Records). Visit patreon.com/realmofobscura now to become part of the world-wide OBSCURA fan club. Photo Credit: Christian Martin Weiss